Flamigas proudly presents first Mexican partner startup

Who is Epifanía Artesanal?


We are Valeria and Karen from León, Mexico. We two got to know each other at university when we studied Design at the "Universidad Iberoamericana" here in León and ever since it became our dream to create our own fashion products that combine the traditional way of Mexican artesanal elements with modern design elements. After graduating in February 2015, we made that dream come true and founded our own company 'Epifanía Artesanal'. Not only did we want to create something completely new that has never existed before, we also had in mind to empower women from our area that have similar dreams, but maybe not the same opportunities in life. That is why we decided to collaborate and integrate these women into our business idea. At this point in time, we are working with five female employees and are in a continuous process of hiring new members and growing the Epifanía family. 


What are the your company's values?


Our most important value is respect. We respect each and every woman that we are working with and this gets along with creating a space where everybody's work is meaningful work. We want our employees to be happy, to come to work every day with a good feeling and feel satisfied after leaving their workplace. We also want to be a loyal employer - we want our employees to be remunerated fairly and we want to create a secure space for them; a space where they don't have to worry about their job security like it is the case in many other companies in the Mexican industry. Another core value of Epifanía is passion: The fashion industry became a really competitive industry in the past few years, if we have passion for what we are doing, it makes things easier and we are likely to succeed.


What makes Epifanía products so special?


Each Epifanía accessory reflects the efforts of passionate mothers who are heads of families, living in low-income neighborhoods in León, Guanajuato. Together as a team we design, develop and innovate the processes of traditional Mexican artesanal techniques with the purpose of promoting our culture and the artesanal work of Mexico. Since we love to travel and meet new cultures, our products are also inspired by different cultures, textures and traditions from other parts of the world. Then we add our special Epifanía feminine touch - y ahí está: a beautiful and unique creation.


Valeria & Karen

Alma, Sayra & Isabel

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